Gypsum Plaster cornice Fiberglass Mold/frame

Gypsum Plaster cornice Fiberglass Mold/frame

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How to remove the gypsum statues stains above

Author锛歮icheal Date锛7/12/2012 11:56:24 PM

Gypsum statue to clean pale as beautiful,to maintain its original beauty, should be immediately cast a layer of cellophane or plastic film on the new gypsum statue. Infected with the dust on the gypsum statue, use the application of clean feather duster or soft brush, brush gently whisk whisk, or with a clean soft cloth wiping. otherwise, Wipe with a wet rag,  they will be more and more dirty.gypsum statue need to move the location, you should wear the clean soft gloves or hand touch position pad at the  clean and soft silk or cotton , avoid direct use of handsto avoid stained with the juice stains.


Gypsum statue placed for a long time or stored of not pay attention with the stain, as appropriate, disposed of as follows: small pieces of stain can be used a knife to gently scrape thin layer on the surface ; if it is stained with the ink and penetrate deeper, it is necessary to dig at the ink position, and then fill with the concocted gypsum, use fine sandpaper to rub down after it dry. Fill on the gypsum is inconsistent with the original gypsum color will affect the appearance of this case, the statue should paint again, plus painted gypsum water is: 30 grams of quicklime fully stirred in 1000 ml of water, and then gypsum products soak for 3 to 5 minutes, then washing with water for 2 to 3 times , dried, and finally sprinkle some chalk powder, gypsum will be white as ever.


 If it is a past many years, very dirty gypsum statue, it can not be processed using the above method. gypsum statue immersed in the ratio of 1000 ml of soapy water and plus 20 ml of ammonia water, gently wash about 10 minutes, remove, rinse with water can. If it is stained badly, this method can not be washed, coated with imitation copper color in the gypsum statue, it will be converted into imitation copper statue, and looks like more tasteful and chic.