Gypsum Plaster cornice Fiberglass Mold/frame

Gypsum Plaster cornice Fiberglass Mold/frame

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Introduction of GRG/GlassFiber Reinforced Gypsum

Author锛歮icheal Date锛4/3/2012 5:38:20 AM
GRG English name: GlassFiber Reinforced Gypsum

GRG is a glass fiber reinforced gypsum board, which is a special kind of modified gypsum fiber decoration materials, the shape of arbitrary, making it the preferred requirements of the architect of personalized, its unique material composition enough to withstand damage caused by the external environment, deformation and cracking.

GRG products are GRG special plaster - ultrafine crystallization plaster (improved 蓱 gypsum) as a base and a dedicated continuous rigid glass fiber, developed by our company's proprietary additive (additive requirements of the English original), in the mold After special process laminated with a new type of pre-cast decorative materials in a comprehensive performance to achieve the quality standards of the United Kingdom. GRG product is a high density of alpha gypsum powder, glass fiber, and trace environmental additives made of pre-cast new decorative materials, products, smooth surface smooth white surface of the material is smooth, delicate whiteness of more than 90%, and and a variety of coatings and surface decoration materials bonded, form an excellent decorative effect, environmentally safe and does not contain any harmful elements. Such materials can be made of flat panels, a variety of functional products and a variety of artistic design, the international building materials decoration of the most popular replacement products. Under normal circumstances, the architect will often recommended application in commercial and industrial building to withstand high impact and increase its stability ceiling-based. In addition, the waterproof performance of the GRG material and good acoustic performance, especially in the place of frequent cleaning and detergent and voice transmission, like schools, hospitals, shopping malls, theaters and other places.

Election form rich arbitrary - GRG products can be customized using pre-cast process, single face, double surface, three-dimensional cladding of various geometric shapes, hollow pattern, embossed any art form, and give full play to the design. High strength, bending strength of the GRG products of quality light-Mpa20-25 (ASTMD790-2002 test method). Tensile strength of Mpa8-15 (ASTMD256-2002 test method, and 6-8mm thick standard plate weighs only 6-9kg/m2 to meet the large plate ceiling partition needs at the same time, reduce the main weight and component load without deformation , no cracking unique cloth fiber processing technology to make our products - for the main material of gypsum coefficient of thermal expansion is low, wet and dry shrinkage of less than 0.01%, GRG products from cold, hot, dry, wet deformation of stable performance, no deformation. do not crack long service life. acoustic reflection properties-the GRG has a good sound reflection performance, Tongji Institute of Acoustics test: 30mm monolithic weight of 48kg GRG board, acoustic reflection coefficient R ≥ 0.97, in line with the requirements of professional acoustic reflex applies large theaters, concert halls and other acoustic soundtrack hall. thin-walled, light weight, high strength and incombustible (A1 grade fireproof materials), and can the humidity of the indoor environment of regulation, its can achieve a comfortable living environment. its high strength, high hardness and good flexibility, to meet eventually be made into any shape, size and texture effects. stored for 72 hours under high temperature of 120 鈩 without deformation.

Class A fire performance - flame retardant properties, according to GB8624-1997 standard. Environmental performance - Limit of radionuclides in Class A, GB6566-2001 standard. -The GRG of moisture resistant materials are inorganic materials, does not occur mildew yellowing. Smooth surface, good decorative effect - advanced mold making and mold release process, so that GRG smooth finished surface, whiteness, without repair, and a variety of coatings and surface decoration materials (veneer, fabric, etc.) well bonded form an excellent decorative effect. Convenient construction, low loss-the GRG products are all factory prefabricated to complete without the scene secondary processing, installing embedded parts, hoisting construction convenient

Benefits and Features of GRG Material


High strength, impact resistance: experiments show that, G.R.G. product fracture load more than 1200 N, more than gb JC/T799-1988 (1996) adornment plasterboard fracture load 118 N 10 times. GRG product all can stable under compressive, impact resistance, as well as several strength hardness pap test, the product deformation, subsidence, do not bend, not expands.

Flexibility: GRG products not only high hardness and high flexibility, it can be made into all kinds of size, shape and design modelling, because it is easy to use, so be used in complex condole top and decorations.

High density and light: density for 1880 Kg/m3 G.R.G. products of the plane standard thickness of 3.2 to 8.8 mm (special request may be thick), every square metre weighs just 4.9 to 9.8 Kg, it can reduce weight and main building component load.

Fire performance: G.R.G. material belongs to A-level fire materials, when fire breaks out, it besides can flame retardant outside, itself can also release its weight equivalent to 10% to 15% of the water, can greatly reduce fire surface temperature and reduce the loss.

Moistureproof property: GRG products used in wet places of the full to moistureproof, test results prove the bibulous rate of product is only 0.3% (maximum is 0.5%)

Environmental protection: G.R.G. material without any smell, radioactive nuclide set limit to comply with the provisions of the GB6566-2001 in A kind of adornment material standards. And can be recycled, of green environmental protection material.

Acoustic effect: test indicated: 4 mm thick G.R.G. material, through the loss of 500 Hz 23 db, 100 Hz 27 db; Air dry specific gravity of 1.88 accord with acoustic reflection professional requirements. After good modelling design, can form good sound absorption structure, to sound insulation, sound-absorbing effect.

Production cycle is short: G.R.G. products to take off the membrane time only 30 minutes, the drying time is only six hours. So can greatly shorten the construction period.

Construction is convenient: G.R.G. can according to the designers, any modelling, but large production, division. The scene processing performance is good, installation quickly and flexibly, large area can be seamless secret spell, forming a complete model. Especially for the mouth of the cave, arc, the corner and so on the subtle, can ensure that without any error.