Gypsum Plaster cornice Fiberglass Mold/frame

Gypsum Plaster cornice Fiberglass Mold/frame

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Plaster molds characteristics and how to deal with the stripping

Author锛歮icheal Date锛7/17/2012 7:50:32 PM

 The plaster mold is mainly used for the production of plaster cornice and plaster products, no matter what kind of mold the raw materials used nearly, including gypsum powder, glass fiber and water. Plaster mold to ensure mold surface smooth, not with a hard thing to come across the mold. Plaster mold of the main features include the following aspects:


1, due to the particularity of the material, plaster mold more easily engraved a variety of beautiful patterns, internal hollow through the pipes.

2, the low prices of raw materials, the plaster mold, prices far lower than the other materials of similar mold.

3, the plaster mold with a high temperature, the excellent characteristics of moisture resistance, fire protection, moisture aspects are far higher than other molds.

4, plaster mold also has good sound insulation, heat insulation effect, popular in the modern home decoration.


Plaster mold can be divided into a variety of many kinds because of the making materials, silicone molds and fibreglass moulds are the normal of the plaster mold. in the production of the plaster mold will choose a fiberglass mold mostly, and rarely use a silicone mold, the main because the service life of fiberglass molds, but not easily deformed. The silicone mold is used to produce the opposite sex arc is generally not used straight plaster line.


Nowaday the market is wide range of Many gypsum products  ,   the characters depicted in lifelike   and animal demeanor is very realistic. To see such a product that many consumers love these lifelike plaster casts of plaster mold infusion is made after the ejection also need to be carefully polished before they can reach such a realistic form, the following we simply say these models is how to deal with after stripping.


 Plaster mold after stripping, the mold usually have residual gypsum ballast and residual gypsum residue greatly affect the overall aesthetics of the model need to carefully wipe the can on the market. The traditional way to wipe is a manual operation, so that the high cost and low efficiency. Improved plaster production line dedicated gypsum cleaning machine equipped with gypsum line cleaning brush roller, which need to clean, can easily get rid of the mold of gypsum ash ballast, the efficiency is much better than artificial wipe motor driven brush roller can also be used to anoint and even high efficiency. Model this kind of wipe the overall smoothness and aesthetics to product testing standards, will plaster color. After a series of processes and we can get the  gypsum products.