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The advantage of Glassfibre reinforced plastic mould

Author锛歮icheal Date锛3/23/2012 8:01:00 PM
Glassfibre reinforced plastic( FRP ) is also called GRP, fiber reinforced plastic, generally refers to the use of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and phenolic resin. Glass fiber or its products as reinforcing material of reinforced plastic, called glass fiber reinforced plastics FRP, or designation. Due to the different varieties of the resin, it is polyester glass fiber reinforced plastic, epoxy Glassfibre reinforced plastic, glass fiber reinforced phenolic called. Soft and hard, not conductive, high mechanical strength, recycling, corrosion resistance. Can replace steel manufacturing machinery parts and automotive, marine shell.


Glass reinforced plastics. FRP ( Fiber Reinforced Plastics ) fiber reinforced composite plastic, according to the different fiber glass fiber reinforced plastic ( GFRP ), carbon fiber reinforced plastic ( CFRP ), boron fiber reinforced composite plastic; it is glass fiber and its products ( glass cloth belt, mat, yarn as the reinforcing ) material,
With synthetic resin as matrix material is a composite material. Fiber reinforced composite material is composed of the reinforcing fibers and the matrix. Fiber ( or whisker ) diameter is very small, generally in the10 m the following, fewer defects and smaller, fracture strain of about 30/1000or less, is a brittle material, easy to damage, fracture and corrosion. The substrate relative to the fiber, strength, modulus are much lower, but can withstand great strain, often with visco elastic and elastoplastic, ductile materials. Composite materials refers to the concept of a material can not meet the use requirements, by two or more than two kinds of material are compounded together, formed another can satisfy people's request of material, the composite material. For example, a single glass fiber, while the intensity is very high, but the fiber is loose, can bear tension, not subjected to bending, shear and compressive stresses, is not easy to be made into a fixed geometry, is soft. If the use of synthetic resin gluing them together, can be made into various shapes of products with fixed hard, can withstand the tensile stress, and can be subjected to bending, compression and shear stress. It is composed of glass fiber reinforced plastic composite material. Because of its strength equivalent to steel, but also contains the component of glass, such as glass, also has a color form, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, heat insulation, such as glass, the history of the formation of the popular name" glass", the noun is the former national building materials industry ministry minister comrade Lai Jifa in put forward 1958, by building materials system expanded to the country, still widely used. Thus, Glassfibre reinforced plastic means that the glass fiber as reinforcing material, synthetic resin as binder reinforced plastic, foreign fiber glass reinforced plastics. Along with our country.

FRP industry development, as the plastic base reinforcing material, has been made from glass fiber and carbon fiber, expanded to boron fiber, aromatic vinylon fiber, alumina fiber and silicon carbide fiber, no doubt, these new made of fiber reinforced plastic, some high performance fiber reinforced composite materials, Glassfibre reinforced plastic with the commonly known as can be generalized. Considering the historical origin and development, usually adopts glass fiber reinforced composite materials, such a name is more comprehensive.

paragraph physicochemical properties

Glass is hard and brittle, has good transparency and high temperature resistant, Glassfibre reinforced plastic cooling tower
Corrosion resistance; at the same time the steel is hard and brittle, but also has the characteristics of high temperature. So people begin to think, if can make both glass hardness, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant properties, but also has the characteristic of steel. Not broken, it will surely be use. After studying people test, finally making such a composite material. It is able to stand shoulder to shoulder with steel, Glassfibre reinforced plastic. We first look at a test, to understand its performance is excellent or not. In a mountains, greenery is shady Valley, a trial is ongoing. In the two hundred meters outside the bunker after the people, eyes staring at the center of the valley with an oxygen bottle. Air compressor with the rhythm of the rotation, the alloy steel pipe to the Glassfibre reinforced plastic shell
Oxygen bottle continuously inflating. On the pressure gauge pointer touches everyone's heart. Readings from 100- 200- 400 -500rise700 kilograms, until1 cm, only to hear a loud roaring, oxygen bottle exploded! The surrounding people cheered up:" success!" The oxygen bottle is a high pressure container. It can bear working pressure is 150kg / cm2. In order to use the secure, when manufacturing requirements it can endure three times the working pressure of 450kg / cm2, i.e.. Don't burst, to be qualified. The above test oxygen bottles, far beyond the design requirements. What is it made of steel? Glassfibre reinforced plastic, rather, is the glass and plastic composite together. Glass is hard and brittle material, a fall is broken, the Glassfibre reinforced plastic with glass can withstand the fall? Then a new test. Will another Glassfibre reinforced plastic oxygen bottle inflated to 150 kg / cm2, then rolled down the valley from the top of the hill. With its rugged glass fiber cloth

Rock impact, all the way down to the bottom still did not burst. Glassfibre reinforced plastic oxygen bottle after qualification examination. General glass high tensile strength only ordinary steel1/8. The glass melt into the hair diameter, only ten percent of the fine glass fibers, the original hard and fragile glass becomes soft and resistance of glass fiber, its high tensile strength can be increased by more than ten times. As we all know, cement block pressure, high tensile steel. Steel cement gravel as bones, muscles, let them together as one, to complement each other, become strong -- this is a reinforced concrete. Similarly, if we use the glass fiber as bones, synthetic resin ( phenolic, epoxy resin and polyester resin ) muscles, let them together as one, made of material, its tensile strength can be comparable with steel - so called Glassfibre reinforced plastic.
Editor this paragraph advantages and disadvantages

Lightweight high strength

Relative density in1.5~ 2,4~1only carbon steel /1 /5, but the tensile strength is very close, FRP pultruded profiles
To more than carbon steel, rather than strength and high alloy steel by. Therefore, in aircraft, rockets, spacecraft, pressure vessels and other need to lighten the weight of the products in application, all with excellent results. Some epoxy FRP tensile, bending and compression strength can reach more than 400Mpa. Part of the material density, strength and intensity are shown in table 1-1.

Good corrosion resistance
FRP is a good corrosion resistance materials, on air, water and ordinary acid, alkali, salt and a variety of oils and solvents have a better ability to resist. Has been applied to various aspects of chemical corrosion, carbon steel, stainless steel, being replaced with wood, non-ferrous metals.

Good electrical properties
Is a good insulation material, used in the manufacture of insulators. High frequency can still protect good dielectric properties. Microwave permeability good, has been widely used in radar antenna radome.
Thermal performance

FRP low thermal conductivity, room temperature for 1.25~ 1.67kJ / ( m h K ), only1/ 100 ~1metal glass reinforced plastic safety cap
In 1000, is an excellent thermal insulation material. In transient high temperature conditions, and is an ideal heat protection and ablative material, to protect the spacecraft at temperatures above 2000 DEG C under high speed gas flow scouring.

The design of a good
1according to the need, flexible design a variety of products, to meet the use requirement, can make the product have good integrity. It can full choice of materials to meet the performance of products, such as: can design a corrosion-resistant, resistant to high temperature instantaneous, certain direction have particularly high strength, good dielectric properties, etc..
Excellent process
According to the shape of the product, the technical requirements, use and the quantity to the flexibility to choose the molding process. The process is simple, can be formed at one time, the economic effect is outstanding, especially for complex shape, difficult forming a small number of products, but also highlight its technological superiority.
Low modulus of elasticity

FRP elastic modulus is two times bigger than wood, but the ratio of steel ( E =2.1E5)10 times smaller, therefore the product structure is often feel less rigid, easily deformed. Can be made into a thin shell structure, sandwich structure, can also pass through the high modulus fibers or as reinforcing ribs and other forms of remedy.
Long term temperature difference
FRP cannot be used at high temperature for long term, the general polyester FRP at 50 degrees C above intensity decreased significantly, in general only below 100 DEG C; general epoxy FRP at 60DEG C, the strength decreased obviously. But you can choose high temperature resin, so that the long term working temperature in 200 ~300 C is possible.
The aging phenomenon

Aging is the common defects of plastic, and FRP is no exception, in the ultraviolet, wind snow, chemical mediators, mechanical stress under the action of easily led to decline in performance.
Interlaminar shear strength low
The interlaminar shear strength by resin to bear, so it is very low. Through the selection process, the use of coupling agent and other methods to improve interlayer adhesive force, most notably in the product design, avoid the interlaminar shear.
Editor this paragraph FRP production method
Basically divided into two categories, namely, wet type and dry press forming. According to the technological characteristics of points, a hand lay-up, laminated molding, pultrusion method, RTM method, molding, filament winding and so on. Hand lay-up and hand lay-up method, pressure bag method, spray method, wet paste by low pressure and non die hand paste method. Currently the world's most used molding method has the following four kinds. The hand lay-up method : the main use of countries are Norway, Japan, Britain, Denmark and other. Hand lay-up products: steel glass blower
The injection method : mainly used in Sweden, the United States national, Norway. The molding method: mainly use country germany. The RTM method ( RTM ): the main use of countries in Europe and the United States, japan. Also: filament winding Fala extrusion method and hot press molding method and irrigation in China more than 90% FRP products are handmade production, other molding, winding, laminated method ( see Chapter eleventh). Japanese handmade still accounted for 50%. From the point of world each country, hand lay-up method still accounted for a considerable proportion of, it still has vitality. Hand lay-up method is characterized by wet resin molding, simple equipment, low cost, a paste10m above the overall product. Drawback is the low level of mechanization, long production cycle, quality is not stable. In recent years, our country introduced from abroad a pultrusion, spraying, winding process equipment, with the FRP industry development, the new process will continue.
FRP is nearly fifty years of rapid development of a composite material. Glass fiber yield of70% is used in the manufacture of Glassfibre reinforced plastic. Glassfibre reinforced plastic with high hardness, much lighter than steel. A jet plane to use it as a fuel tank and the pipeline, reduces the weight of the aircraft. The moon astronauts Glassfibre reinforced plastic storage tank
They were carrying, the miniature oxygen bottle, also made of Glassfibre reinforced plastic. Glassfibre reinforced plastic processing easily, not rust rotten, no paint. Our country has been widely used in glass manufacturing a variety of small boats, yachts, lifeboats, and automobile manufacturing industry, saves a lot of steel. Because the Glassfibre reinforced plastic is a kind of composite material, its performance to a very wide range, so its market development prospects are very broad. According to relevant statistics, at present the world developed Glassfibre reinforced plastic products has reached about 40000. Although the countries were based on their economic development situation, development direction is different, but basically have been involved in various industrial sectors. China FRP industry after forty years of development, has been in the national economy in various fields has achieved successful applications, in economic development plays an important role in. The glass and steel main application field, generalized as follows: the construction industry: cooling tower, Glassfibre reinforced plastic doors and windows New, building structure, enclosure structure, interior equipment and decorative pieces, Glassfibre reinforced plastic plate, corrugated tile, decorative panels, sanitary ware and the whole bathroom, sauna, surfing bath, construction template, storage warehouse building, as well as the solar energy utilization device and so on. Chemical industry: pipeline corrosion, storage tank, corrosion resistant pump and its accessories, corrosion valve, grille, ventilation facilities, and sewage and waste water treatment equipment and accessories etc.. Automobile and railway transport industry: automobile shell and other components, plastic miniature cars, large passenger car body shell, doors, panels, the main column, floor, floor beam, bumper, instrument panel, minivans, and fire trucks, refrigerated trucks, the cab of the tractor and machinery enclosures; in railway transport, a train window, car roof plate bending, roof tank, toilet floor, baggage car door, roof ventilator, cold storage doors, storage tank, as well as some railway communication facilities; in highway construction, traffic signs, road signs, isolation pier, highway guardrail and so on. Boats and water transport industry: River Passenger cargo ship, fishing vessels, hovercraft, various yacht, boat, boat, boat, boat traffic, and Glassfibre reinforced plastic float drum buoy and mooring buoy. Electrical engineering and Communication Engineering: the extinguishing equipment, cable protection pipe, generator stator coil and a support ring and cone shell, pipe insulation, insulation rod retaining ring, motor, high voltage insulator, standard capacitors shell, motor cooling generator casing, windshield and other heavy equipment; distribution box and distribution boards, insulating shaft, glass enclosures and other electrical equipment; printed circuit board, antenna, radar cover and other electronic engineering application. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, and the improvement of people's living standard, many civilian Glassfibre reinforced plastic products are developed, such as many city sculpture, arts and crafts design, fast food tables and chairs, motorcycle parts, Glassfibre reinforced plastic pots, safety helmet, senior playground equipment, household appliances shell, have successfully been applied. Production of glass tile steel, also known as transparent tile. And steel structure supporting the use of light materials, which is mainly composed of high performance membrane, reinforced polyester and fiber glass composition, wherein the membrane will play a very good anti-ultraviolet antistatic effect, anti ultraviolet ray to protect FRP lighting plate polyester not yellow aging, premature loss of transmission characteristics. Antistatic is to ensure that the surface dust easily washed away by rain or blown away by wind, maintain a clean and beautiful surface. Because of its stable quality, durable characteristics, welcomed by customers, products can be widely used in the industrial / commercial / residential building in roofing and wall film used as props, it is convenient, and the cost can be modelled. A variety of materials. Welcomed by people. Also used phenolic resin chemical plant Glassfibre reinforced plastic instead of stainless steel to do all kinds of corrosion resistant equipment, greatly prolongs the service life of equipment. Glassfibre reinforced plastic non-magnetic, not blocking electromagnetic waves through. Use it to make the missile radome of missile, like to wear a pair of spectacles, neither barrier radar "line of sight", and play the role of protection. Now, many missiles and ground radar radome are Glassfibre reinforced plastic. Enter twenty-first Century, according to the Glassfibre reinforced plastic good wave-transparent performance, the performance of mobile phone communications, along with the widely popular, Glassfibre reinforced plastic widely used in manufacturing 2G and 3G antenna cover, Glassfibre reinforced plastic with good forming performance, can beautify the appearance, played a very good community beautification, this product has a square column line cover, simulation stone, field application in landscaping tree Glassfibre reinforced plastic but also to improve sports level made distinctions won in battle. Since the pole vault in the sport since, athletes