Gypsum Plaster cornice Fiberglass Mold/frame

Gypsum Plaster cornice Fiberglass Mold/frame

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The selection methods and points for gypsum decorative products

Author锛歮icheal Date锛6/8/2013 11:28:15 PM
As we all know, the gypsum decorative products such as Gypsum cornices and drywall gypsum board are currently the most widely used new type of ceiling decoration materials. The gypsum decorative products such as drywall gypsum board have a good decorative effect and better acoustic performance. On the other hand, the price of the Gypsum cornices, fiberglass cornice mould is lower than other decoration materials. The which is the professional Gypsum cornices and paper faced plaster ceiling board supplier in China has told us that when we are in purchase of drywall gypsum board, we should have acquaintance with product specifications, variety and performance of these decorative gypsum boards. On the other hand, we should also know more about the using advantage of the Gypsum cornices, fiberglass cornice mould and drywall gypsum board.
In order to make our own home decoration achieve the desired purpose, we should have fully understanding about everything in this area. As we all know, the decorative plaster board such as drywall gypsum board has with the ability of lightweight, moisture-proof, no distortion, fire resistance, flame retardant and other characteristics. The main product varieties have included the flat, pattern embossed plate, semi-perforated plate, the full perforated plate and waterproof board. The pattern embossed plates are suitable for the bedroom and study room ceiling. On the other hand, the waterproof boards are usually used for kitchen, bathrooms and other humid locations.
The paper faced plaster ceiling board is based on the gypsum board substrate. The surface has been decorated with the light printing paint and with the drilling processing. It have the capability of fire resistance, anti-noise, heat insulation, anti-vibration performance and easy construction features.
Decorative Gypsum cornices make building plaster as the base material. And then, they should mix together with the reinforcing fibers, adhesives and casting 鈥嬧媌y mixing. It can replace the essence of line angle to cope with a variety of decorative plaster board ceiling such as drywall gypsum board. It could make interior decoration seamless and has strong sense of three-dimensional and good integrity. The price of Gypsum cornices is low also has high application effects. It has become one of indispensable supporting materials of the plaster ceiling decoration board.
There are many patterns for Gypsum cornices. The main types have concluded the perforated, printing, embossing, sticker sand and relief. The users could select them based on the use of premises and personal aesthetic ideas. In short, if you have the proper selection for the Gypsum cornices board pattern and color, the decoration of your home would be generous, beautiful, innovation and gives other people feeling of comfortable, elegant and soft.