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Winter Interior Decoration Ideas

Author锛歋ara Date锛12/27/2012 2:19:00 AM
 If you live in a region where the seasons change dramatically, you might want to change the interiors of your home in keeping with the varying landscape. This will help you provide a fresh, new look to your home every few months. This can be done with whatever materials you have at home and does not entail you having to pay hundreds of dollars every so often.

1.No Bureaucratic Hurdles in Winter Interior Decoration

Since minor interior decoration does not need approvals or permits of any kind, it is easy for you to get down to doing the job whenever you want to. Some creativity and the right accessories are all you need.


Redecorating in winter is a striking idea because you can then brighten your home and turn it into a cozy paradise while everything outside is bare and frozen. Coming home to a cheerful retreat is an outstanding cure for all kinds of winter blues. Winter is also the time for the holiday season, well, at least late December is, and thus there is not any better time for making your home sparkle.

2.Holiday Interior Decoration

Most people choose red and green colors to complement the holiday season. However, you can do something different by playing on the colors of the walls inside your room and finding the right holiday decorations to go with those. If you are placing a Christmas tree, then find an appropriate spot for it where it will not obstruct movement in the room and at the same time has enough space for presents and for people to see all sides of it. Then you can decorate the tree with ornaments and accessories in suitable colors.

3.Ushering in Warmth Decor

Yellows, reds, and oranges are considered warm colors and can brighten up any home on bleak wintery days. You can brighten up the seating area with cushions in these colors or use curtains to add some color to the room. The furniture can be rearranged to create cozy, intimate areas for some conversation in front of a warm fire. Combined with fluffy, bright cushions and throw pillows, there is no way one can resist plopping down in one of these spots with a cup of hot coffee or some cider for some relaxation after a day’s work or during the evening.


4.Plush Winter Rug Decoration

Using rugs all over the home during winter is one way of keeping the cold at bay. It is a spectacular and sensational feeling to sink your feet into a warm and fluffy rug than the cold floor when you wake up each morning. Putting rugs on the floor in front of sofas and couches, window seats, beds, and arm chairs, will keep your feet warm inside the home at all times. By choosing rugs in bright colors, you can brighten up a room even if the rest of its décor is in paler colors.

5.Making Nature Welcome in Your Interior Decoration

You can move some plants with brightly colored flowers and mild fragrances inside the home. It will add color to your home while helping it smell sweet all the time. Other natural elements like pine cones, and dried branches can be used to create interesting displays on a side table or the fireplace mantel. Pebbles and stones can also be arranged artistically to increase the charm of your living space considerably.

6.Let there be Winter Light in Your Decoration

It tends to become dark very quickly during the winter and you can keep your home lit up in a variety of ways. Lighting a fire can not only bring some light into the rooms but also warm it up nicely. Using scented candles in strategic locations throughout the home will give a warm, inviting glow, and keep it fragrant. Floating candles can enhance the romantic appeal. You can also get some small lamps with low watt bulbs and place them in dark corners to brighten up the home on cold evenings and when entertaining.


These are some ways in which you can turn a cold, bleak winter into one filled with joy and warmth. Keeping it simple yet elegant will add to the charm of your home and make it a haven of comfort and relaxation.