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PU/Polyurethane cornice mouldings

PU/Polyurethane cornice mouldings PU/Polyurethane cornice mouldings PU/Polyurethane cornice mouldings PU/Polyurethane cornice mouldings
Product name锛PU/Polyurethane cornice mouldings

Polyurethane/PU cornice moulding

PU/Polyurethane mouldings refers to the PU synthetic raw materials production mouldings. The PU Polyurethane the acronym called polyurethane referred to as polyurethane. Only needs a simple modification formula, and a different density, flexibility, rigidity, and other physical properties can be obtained. PU lines characteristic: 1, anti-termite, moisture, mildew, acid and alkali, will not be affected by the impact of the changes in the weather cracking or deformation, can be washed, long service life. 2, flame-retardant, not spontaneous combustion, leaving the fire goes out. 3, light weight, good hardness, good flexibility and toughness, and easy construction. Can be sawed planed nail can easily bent into various arc shape. The time spent in the construction than normal gypsum, wood savings. 4, diversity, generally white standard, can mix and match colors on a white base, but also can be laced with gold, gilt, of washed white makeup, antique silver, bronze and other special effects. 5, the surface pattern is clear, vivid, three-dimensional effect is obvious.


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Made out of PU ,
Very light ,
Easy to install
Can be paint any color by yourself Polyurethane

We specialized in Various PU Molding include Cornice ,Chair Rail ,Crown Molding ,Fireplace ,Corbel ,Ceiling Medallion ,Wall Panels ,Ceiling Dome ect
The high density polyurethane (HDP) provides many benefits such as:

1    Excellent light weight alternative to GFRG, GFRC, FRP, and even traditional wood products.
 2   HDP products offer ease of installation using common woodworking tools and equipment which in turn save labour costs and machinery rentals.
3    polyurethane has a closed cell structure which provides protection from moisture and therefore will not rot. Further, the closed cell structure prevents paint from peeling from the surface.
4    HDP products provide no nutritional value and as such also resist the growth of mildew and fungus.
5   polyurethane products will not crack or warp when properly installed using installation instructions as detailed in the Spectis Moulders catalogue or in the Support section of this site.
6    polyurethane products are not affected by ultraviolet rays when properly coated.

    As you can see, polyurethane offers versatility, durability and value for any project.


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